The internet’s favourite cute-gross spider, Lucas, now has his own theme song.

When we first met Joshua Slice’s animated spider Lucas all the way back in November of 2017, we couldn’t have anticipated the staying power and popularity of this ephemeral piece of viral footage.

What’s that you say? November 2017 doesn’t seem that long ago? Well, consider this: That’s when Taylor Swift’s Reputation came out, and no one’s still listening to that thing.

But, the big-eyed arachnid keeps on churning out videos and collecting millions upon millions of views. At least this is a YouTube star we’re happy to see collect advertising revenue.

Anyway, Lucas the Spider is back, boasting about his musical skills in a new video titled, fittingly, “Musical Spider”. We’re probably weeks away from him releasing a novelty single, we can feel it.

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Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider

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04.11.2018 (9 days ago)
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