How Do I Change My Profile Photo?

Click on the drop down menu at the top of any page to the right side of your name.

Click on Profile from the menu.

Under your cover photo and profile photo, will be a box labeled Profile Photos.  Under the image shown, click on (your usernames) photos.  Not the line that states how many photos you have but the one above it.

This will take you to that album.  You can click on the phrase that says "click here" to add more if you want to add more images to that album.

If you want to choose a different one that you already have in that album, then go to the box that says main just above your photos.  On the right side, you will see the word main with a small arrow icon.  Click on the arrow. 

Scroll down in the drop down menu and choose organize.  This will allow you to move your images around.  Remember, the first image in that album will be your profile photo.

Go back to the small arrow icon beside your name and click back to your profile.  

You will see that your profile photo has changed to the first one in that album.


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